Water transportation vehicle propelled by floating rotating chambers.


• Floating rotating chambers equipped with propeller blades.
• The speed and direction of rotation are independent in each chamber for quick changes of direction on port and starboard and also allow 360º turns
• Versatile design ideal for recreation and passenger transport.
• Removable platform for swimmers and divers.
• Windshield and hinged side windows.
• The flat roof can be used as space for sunbathing


1. WAVEWALKER, navigate in places in which a classic vessel does not enter
2. The system of floating chambers, similar to a catamaran provides great stability to the boat.
3. Floating rotating chambers generate low friction, achieving higher speeds and lower fuel consumption.
4. The sealed hull, allows to use WAVEWALKER, as a current boat in case of emergency.
5. WAVEWALKER is the ideal vehicle for recreation, rescue operations and transport of passengers.


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