What is WardrobeHeater?

WardrobeHeater is an innovative heating system designed to keep your clothes warm at a comfortable temperature inside your armoire or closet.

WardrobeHeater is the ergonomic and effective solution to end with the discomfort of cold clothes in your body.

WardrobeHeater does not require any special installation, you just need to hang it in your armoire or closet to keep your clothes at the perfect temperature and ready to be worn.

Its hook lets you hang it from the rod and its suction cup lets you attach it to flat surfaces in the wall or top or the armoire/closet.

Its rechargeable battery can be removed, exchanges and recharged. Its high performance lets it heat your closet for several cycles with only one charge.

This is a great opportunity for investor or companies looking for new markets with innovative products.

The rights to exploit its patent are available for negotiation or licensing. ​


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