What is Telescopic Warnign Kit?

The first emergency signal you can use in any weather situation,

Its patented telescopic system allows deploying two emergency signals facilitating the visualization of damaged vehicles on the track. Telescopic masts can be made unfiltered or automatically and guarantees the visualization of the emergency signal at a greater distance

Its innovative magnets system holds emergency triangles in its correct position. Telescopic Warning Kit includes a set of adjustable straps that adheres you safely to the road storey. Its exclusive imaging system guarantees its stability, on irregular metal surfaces, such as the sailor or the surface of the car

It has a control panel that facilitates its activation. The user can activate the extension of the vertical mast, or the horizontal mast to convenience, and activate the intermittent LEDs integrated into the triangles

Its system has been designed to ensure user security. Telescopic Warning Magnets Kit adhere to the vehicle's door, so that the driver can activate the system without descending from the vehicle
It is ideal for correct visualization and emergency alert on the road in unfavorable weather situations with strong wind, rain, snow and fog.

This is a great opportunity for investor or companies looking for new markets with innovative products.

The rights to exploit its patent are available for negotiation or licensing. ​


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