What is Shield for Wheels?

Shield for Wheels is an innovative sprocket-like disk designed to be attached firmly to the wheel improving security and performance in traffic.

Shield for Wheels is a device conceived to protect the wheel and bear the weight of the vehicle in case of a partial of total damage to the tire; it helps avoiding accidents and damage to the vehicle.


- Shield for Wheels is installed like a ring permitting the installation of two tires on the same wheel. This double tire configuration provides greater stability and security in case of damage or deterioration in one of them.
- With Shield for Wheels each tire functions independently. In other words, if a tire is damaged, the other tire and the sprocket-like disk will remain functioning allowing safe driving. Larger vehicles could integrate a double shield version for more security and road grasp on difficult terrains.
- Shield for Wheels does not touch the road and does not wear out during the vehicle’s normal operation; it operates when damage to any of the tires occurs.
- Thanks to its sprocket-like design, Shield for Wheels provides stability on irregular surfaces.


- Shield for Wheels protects the vehicle in case a tire flats or is completely damaged.
- Thanks to its sprocket-like design, Shield for Wheels generates greater grasp to the road on irregular surfaces.
- Shield for Wheels makes it easy to install snow chains and other security accessories.
- The shield allows the vehicle to continue running even if a tire flats due to conditions in the road.
- In case of failure in the two tires, Shield for Wheels is able to support the weight of the vehicle long enough time to stop safely.
- For difficult terrains, Shield for Wheels offers a version with wide paddles designed to improve traction.
- Shield for Wheels allows you to customize your tires with LED lights that do not interfere with their normal function. This provides greater security for nocturnal driving.
- A special version of Shield for Wheels is ideal to publicize your brand.

This is a great opportunity for investor or companies looking for new markets with innovative products.

The rights to exploit its patent are available for negotiation or licensing. ​


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