Seat-belt Escape Tool

Safebly’s patented system ensures a quick and safe release of the seatbelt in an emergency, providing users with a complete toolset to help them escape from the vehicle and help passengers.

What is SAFEBLY and How Does it Work?

SAFEBLY is a patented system that has revolutionized vehicle safety. It consists of three main components: a retention device, an extender bracket, and a safety latch hammer. These elements integrate into the seatbelt fitting, ensuring an effective operation of the device.

Fast and Safe Release in Case of Emergency

In an accident or emergency situation, the user simply activates the hammer, breaking the seal and releasing the retainer, allowing the seatbelt to be instantly undone. This enables you to quickly exit the vehicle and provide assistance to other occupants.

Comprehensive Escape Toolset

SAFEBLY goes beyond just releasing the seatbelt. It is also equipped with a glass-breaking hammer for breaking the car’s glass and creating an escape route in case the doors become blocked. Additionally, it features a built-in emergency blade that allows you to cut passengers’ seatbelts if they are trapped.

Easy and Reliable Installation

One of SAFEBLY’s most outstanding advantages is its easy installation. You can integrate this safety tool into the seatbelt without making any modifications to the existing system. This means you can continue to use the seatbelt as usual, with the additional confidence of having a quick-release system in critical situations.

Two Available Versions

SAFEBLY offers two installation options. The first one is designed for vehicles already in circulation and can be easily integrated without the need for any modifications to the car, allowing you to use the seatbelt as usual. The second version, SAFEBLY One, is designed for factory installation, replacing he seat belt tongue with our patented Safebly tongue, adding an extra layer of security to new cars.


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