Automation and Precision in Clinical Nutrition

Nutrisoftcare is an advanced technology designed to transform clinical nutrition in hospitals and senior residences.

This patented system automates the preparation, packaging, labeling, and storage of individualized nutritional supplements as per medical prescriptions.

Exclusive Software for Personalized Nutrition

At the core of Nutrisoftcare is its exclusive software, which processes precise information regarding each patient’s nutritional prescriptions, optimizing the production and management of the supplements.

Automation and Precision: The Commitment of Nutrisoftcare

The system of Nutrisoftcare ensures an exact correspondence between medical prescriptions and the nutritional supplements delivered to the patients. This precision is crucial to ensure that each patient receives the appropriate nutrition according to their specific needs, facilitating better monitoring and control of nutritional interventions.

Safety and Hygiene: Priorities in Nutrisoftcare

With an automatic disinfection system using UV-C lights, Nutrisoftcare eliminates up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in the food preparation areas. This guarantees that each prepared supplement is free from microbiological contaminants, which is crucial for patient safety.

Connection between Suppliers and Health Centers

Nutrisoftcare bridges the gap between ingredient suppliers and health centers, simplifying processes, reducing errors, and improving safety for both medical staff and patients.

Data Management and Traceability: More than Supplement Preparation

Nutrisoftcare goes beyond supplement preparation, offering robust data management and complete traceability of each supplement. Each supplement is individually labeled with barcodes, allowing precise tracking from preparation to delivery to the patient.

Nutrisoftcare is a technological innovation that significantly contributes to the improvement of clinical nutrition and efficiency in healthcare.


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