What is Motion?

The patented MOTION system combines magnetic adjustment structures with a robotic movement system that makes storage space more efficient.

MOTION achieves the maximum use in surface and height of all types of storage, removing empty spaces or unused by the demands of the movement of objects. In this way, it increases the capacity of commodity accommodation and the performance of storage processes.

It is ideal to make wineries, premises and automated parking operations more efficient. Its intelligent system automatically manages the movement of goods, speeding up recovery and access to them in less time and safely.

It is a 100% autonomous system capable of covering the storage needs of each business, protecting light or delicate goods and supporting bulky and heavy loads.


- Motion is composed of a base plate on which metallic supports are stored for the storage of the goods.
- The supports are arranged as a grid on a modular basis, leaving a free space.
- The operation of Motion is based on the principle of the sliding puzzle.
- The displacement of a module towards the empty space frees another space that is occupied by a new module.
- The merchandise is moved to the place of recovery in the least amount of movements.
- In the back of Motion, motorized rails allow the displacement of an electromagnet in horizontal and vertical direction.
- The electromagnet can be activated and deactivated at will to magnetically hold the containers and move them safely on the base plate.
- The robotic system is activated by automatically locating the electromagnet behind the support to move it and freeing the space that allows the displacement of another container.
- The system automatically performs the movement of the supports using the least amount of movement to facilitate easy and effortless access to the goods
It has safe assemblies to withstand large loads protecting and keeping the merchandise stable in the system


- Motion optimizes the spaces available in warehouses and storage spaces.
- With its design, Motion avoids the manipulation of heavy loads in height making the management in warehouses safer and more efficient.
- Its intelligent management system, moves the supports using the least amount of movements to bring the goods to the user
- The circulation of the merchandise is intelligent determining the modules to which it is accessed with more regularity so the access is faster.
- The system is 100% autonomous and facilitates access to merchandise in the most agile and secure way.
- Thanks to the grid-shaped design, Motion can easily be adapted to any store size

This is a great opportunity for investor or companies looking for new markets with innovative products.

The rights to exploit its patent are available for negotiation or licensing.


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