What is Lepsy?

Lepsy is an innovative therapeutic method -bearing patents in several countries- for
prevention and control of epilepsy.

Health Innovations

Lepsy is an exclusive system developed for patients with epileptic conditions, it helps control and
prevent epileptic seizures. The system provides constant monitoring of symptoms, advance in
treatment and the response of the nervous system.

It includes four devices Lepsy One, Lepsy Two, Lepsy Pillow, and Lepsy Belt, designed for
adjustment to each phase in treatment by providing electric stimuli and vibrations on the nerves that
control seizures.

Designed and state-of-the-art technology for every day life

The treatment and devices used in Lepsy have been developed by a team of doctors and experts to
control the charge and imbalance in the nervous system that cause epileptic seizures. Its technology
function on the patients providing therapeutic effects day and night.

Total control for an effective treatment

The technology in Lepsy has been developed to provide complete control over treatment while
warrantying comfort for the patient. Data collection, such as respiratory activity, heart rate, and
temperature, facilitate the monitoring of the patient’s response to treatment and its adjusting as

This is a great opportunity for investor or companies looking for new markets with innovative products.

The rights to exploit its patent are available for negotiation or licensing. ​


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