Interaction with the virtual replica of a deceased relative or friend

Here-AI is a patented device that integrates advanced artificial intelligence to enable interaction with a replica of a deceased family member.

A device that merges advanced artificial intelligence with the emotions of our deepest connections, HERE-AI emerges as a surprising and disruptive solution in the field of interacting with deceased family members or friends.

This invention not only unveils the potential of artificial intelligence but also how its application can enrich our understanding of the past and shape our future through innovation.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

In HERE-AI, the latest advances in the field of artificial intelligence are harnessed. Through the integration of natural language processing capability with the GPT-3 model, the system is capable of generating real-time dialogues that emulate the personality and characteristic responses of the deceased person. Likewise, the generation and manipulation of images, through technologies like the Stable Diffusion model, enable a highly realistic visual representation of the replicated person. Complementing this approach, audio processing, led by the WaveNet model, adds an auditory element that imparts emotional authenticity to the interaction.

Personalization and Vivid Remembrance

The ability to personalize is a crucial aspect of HERE-AI. Its software allows users to enrich the artificial intelligence database with specific data of the person they wish to virtually bring back to life. Through audio, images, conversations, and even emails, a deeply intimate and authentic digital profile is created.

The Device: An Advanced Virtual Presence Experience

The HERE-AI device boasts high-performance components to achieve exceptionally seamless interaction with the replicas generated by artificial intelligence. Utilizing transparent OLED dual-projection screens, high-capacity processors, and a comprehensive array of sensors, HERE-AI creates a multisensory experience that recognizes faces, voices, and contexts.


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