Hydro Firebreak

Wildfire Hydraulic Grid

As forest fires continue to devastate vast swathes of land, innovative solutions are needed to prevent the spread of these destructive infernos. Hydro Firebreak is a game-changer in the fight against forest fires. It provides a barrier against approaching forest fires that threaten inhabited, industrial, or agricultural areas.

Hydro Firebreak creates a mist wall of water that acts as a firebreak, reducing the ambient temperature and preventing the spread of the fire by radiation. The hydraulic network also incorporates high-power sprinklers that can moisten up to 35 meters around its perimeter, further preventing the spread of the fire.

Hydro Firebreak is a modular system that can easily be expanded to protect extensive areas of land. The system is designed to surround protected areas through a patented installation that includes automated activation with temperature sensors, a redundant protection system using a line of hydrants, water supply connections, and independent electricity generators.

The exclusive, patented hydraulic network comprises interconnecting conduits that form 15 x 45-meter modules, each consisting of 3.75-meter interconnected pipes with evenly distributed high-capacity sprinklers. The perimeter conduit includes high-capacity sprinklers that can spray water up to 35 meters from the network’s edge, providing a protective range up to 85 meters wide, ensuring the containment of even the most destructive forest fires.

Hydro Firebreak modules are equipped with standard firefighting couplings at each corner, allowing for easy interconnection or connection to the water supply. The perimeter of each module is fitted with temperature sensors that allow for automated water flow activation.

In conclusion, Hydro Firebreak provides an innovative solution to preventing the spread of forest fires. Its modular design, high-capacity sprinklers, and temperature sensors make it a revolutionary tool in the fight against these infernos. With Hydro Firebreak, we can hope to reduce the damage caused by forest fires and protect our communities and natural habitats.


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