Automated system for indoor cultivation

Growind is a system designed for indoor cultivation. The system ensures plants have adequate light, temperature, humidity, fertilizer, and ventilation for optimal growth.

It consists of independent systems that can be used individually or combined to achieve optimal growing performance.
Both experts and amateurs can employ Growind systems to help them improve the quality and output of their farm.
The system can be connect to the app to the mobile app to use the best growing techniques for better results.

Turbofan LED Lamp

The Growind high power full spectrum LED lighting system (400 W, 600 W and 800 W), integrates a complete crop lighting setup into a single lamp.
The domotic lamp allows you to precisely adjust the type of light and its intensity from your cell phone and to set the ideal effects and brightness for optimal plant growth.
The turbofan lamp incorporates an innovative patented forced air cooling system which is activated by temperature sensors and automated actuators to maintain the temperature of the LEDs in optimal operating ranges, while expelling the heat generated by the lamp to the outside of the growing cabinet.

Ultraslim Ventilation

The ventilation system is composed of two Ultraslim fans that create a flow of air under and over the foliage, eliminating excess humidity and uniformly renewing the air throughout the crop, particularly in the section between the soil and the lower part of the foliage where humidity accumulates after irrigation and pockets of hot air that negatively affect the plants.

Automatic Irrigation Tray

The Growind tray can hold up to 16 plants in individual cavities for each pot. The patented system incorporates technology that allows you to monitor the humidity level of each of the plants and remotely distribute individualized portions of nutrient solution. Moisture sensors located in each of the pots send constant information on the watering needs of each plant to the Growind cultivation software.

Automated Fertilizer Mixer

The mixer has a maximum water capacity of 20 liters. It incorporates 5 refillable fertilizer containers and 2 containers for Ph correctors. These inject the ideal amount of each of the solutions to the irrigation water through high precision peristaltic valves. It is equipped with software enabling you to control every aspect of the nutrient solution, and to program it with a growth plan adapted to the individual requirements of the cultivated species. 

Manual Fertilizer Mixer

The manual mixer is an alternative and economical solution that allows you to make use of all the utility of the Growind smart tray in your indoor cultivation. You can manually mix the nutrient solution on the spot or leave it prepared in advance so that the tray starts the process when watering is required automatically.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Growind ultrasonic humidifier is the perfect complement to the ultraslim fans. It is easily magnetically attached to the top of the fan, has a 1 liter water capacity and is easily recharged. The micro droplets generated by ultrasound are distributed throughout the crop thanks to the air flow of the fan, quickly adjusting the humidity relative to the environment within the ideal ranges for your plants.

Rechargeable Activated Charcoal Filter

It incorporates two innovative systems: Usage time counter: monitors the time of use of each activated carbon cartridge, indicating the best time to replace them to avoid bad odors. Cartridge system: easily renew the filtration material (activated carbon) thanks to cartridges covered with HEPA-grade filter cloth that can be replaced in seconds.


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