The first system for stress relief incorporating the power of magnetotherapy.

FIDGETGYM is the first relaxation system incorporating the power of magnetotherapy to help you achieve full relaxation. Its patented exclusive system of pushbuttons – massagers uses powerful magnets to provide the health benefits of magnetic fields. 

​FIDGETGYM was designed to help you control your stress levels and diminish muscular tension with the usage of a series of mobile parts while you do other activities like listening to music, readings, and chatting. 


– Using FIDGETGYM for 5 minutes each hour during your workday reduces stress and improves your health. The pushbuttons help you channel the anxiety we build up in activities that demand high levels of concentration.

– FIDGETGYM helps us control our stress levels with a variety of physical activities for our fingers and hands stimulating our muscles, tendons, and nerves thus improving our health. 

– FIDGETGYM offers a system of magnetic pushbuttons ideal for massaging the palms of your hands and fingers preventing the usual numbness resulting from extended periods working with a mouse and a keyboard.

– Helps you avoid developing carpal tunnel syndrome, in other words, prevents tendon inflammation in the inner part of your wrists that produce symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and nerve blocking pain.

– The magnetics spinners prevent the emergence of tendinitis particularly in your thumbs that nowadays we use to type in our mobile phones and surf the internet. 


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