What is EyeBreaker?

EyeBreaker is an innovative emergency lighting device, which illuminates the control panel and protection of your home when the light goes off.

It will be activated automatically when there is a power failure, providing illumination to see the location and visualization of the panel, for the quick manual reset of the circuit.

90% of power cuts in homes are due to small leads or voltage surges.
With the new EyeBreaker system, it is very easy to find the cause of the fault, and to restore the electrical circuit again, safely activating the general automatic, the differential, or the magnetothermic switch.

It uses high power LEDs, illuminating the box for hours and continuously, allowing the completion of full revisions, or the replacement of defective automations.


- Easy installation in any type of control panel and protection.

- It has a powerful LED light, which illuminates the panel and all its components, as well as another activity LED, which indicates the normal operation of the electrical installation.

- It incorporates a rechargeable battery of more than 2h duration, which activates the operation of the emergency light when the power supply is cut off.
- It allows the complete visualization of the picture at a distance and of all its components.


- It is small, safe and discreet, it does not occupy additional space.

- The emergency light is activated at the same instant that the power failure is detected.

- EyeBreaker is the ideal emergency light for electrical panels installed in places with reduced natural light or closed enclosures, where there is not visibility, such as in basements.

- The EyeBreaker design offers the necessary illumination for viewing the frame at a long distance and avoids glare at close range.
- The EyeBreaker LED technology has a very low wattage consumption, and therefore, has greater autonomy.

- The EyeBreaker battery allows the active emergency light to be maintained for the necessary time, for the safe restoration of the power supply and for making the necessary revisions.

- The discreet control light allows to verify that the activity of the electric circuit is normal.

- There is nothing similar in the market, nationally and internationally.

This is a great opportunity for investor or companies looking for new markets with innovative products.

The rights to exploit its patent are available for negotiation or licensing.


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