What is ENVAFIN?

ENVAFIN is an innovative electrical appliance patented worldwide, that compacts packaging waste that can be recycled, in an easy and quick way.

With ENVAFIN, compaction of packaging is done automatically thanks to its mechanical compression system that provides heat to containers reducing their volume by 90%.

This innovative system is a great solution for our daily life in which we generate a large amount of trash. In addition, this system contributes to recycling, thus contributing to the environmental sustainability.

Thanks to its small size (20 x 20 cm), Envafin is an electrical appliance ideal for homes, as it is easily adaptable to any kitchen occupying a minimum space. Its installation is quick and easy and its maintenance is simple. Besides its electrical consumption is minimal: 1 euro of power consumption compacts 2,000 metal cans or 300 plastic bottles.

Excuses for not recycling are over!
ENVAFIN makes it easier than ever

This is a great opportunity for investor or companies looking for new markets with innovative products.

The rights to exploit its patent are available for negotiation or licensing. ​


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