Dry toes, healthy feets

Dryflips sandals include a patented air-flow system designed to keep your toes and the spaces in between dry.

Dryflips are ideal for use after spending time in the bath, beach, or pool.

Dryflips’ micro ventilation system dries your toes in seconds. In addition, daily use helps to prevent the formation of fungus and bacteria such as athlete’s foot and onychomycosis.

Each flip-flop sandal uses two high power micro-ventilators connected to ducts in the soles and instep straps. This way air can be evenly distributed over and under the toes through micro-perforations.

Sensors located in the interior of each fan automatically activate the fans when the flip-flop sandals are worn, initiating the drying process.

The fast-dry sole system prevents the accumulation of moisture under the feet, drying and removing residual water from the moment they are put on.


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