The first automated street trash-can sanitation vehicle

City Steam Cleaner is the first automated urban sanitation vehicle designed to facilitate and speed up the cleaning process of urban trash cans and keep city streets in perfect condition.

With the characteristics of an electric scooter, the worker can move around easily while transporting all the tools and supplies needed to do their job.

Exclusive robotic system for cleaning of trash cans

Designed specifically for urban trash cans, its robotic arm attaches easily to the trash can and spreads a splash protector allowing for deep cleaning without bothering passersby and guaranteeing operator safety.

A group of high-pressure vapor injectors coupled to the contour of the trash can clean the exterior while the interior is cleaned by the telescopic brush and pressurized vapor injected from the spaces in the brush.

Safety and efficiency

The system speeds up urban maintenance, facilitates the operator’s work, and ensures their well-being thanks to its anti-splash protection and built-in light signals

City Steam Cleaner is designed for use in urban environments. Its scooter-like driving system allows it to move along sidewalks and narrow streets in an agile, safe and silent way.

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