Rainwater collection system for photovoltaic plants

AQUAVOLTAICA is the first system designed for the optimal utilization of rainwater in photovoltaic plants. 

Solar farms provide a great opportunity for rainwater harvesting because the solar panels have the necessary inclination and optimal layout to collect the maximum number of liters of water per area.

A solar farm occupying 10,000 M2, (1 hecter) can obtain with the regular rainfall in Spain (600 liters / M2 per year) about 6.000 cubic meters of water in a year.


This system employs conventional gutters supported by a series of anchors attached to the conventional solar panel support structure. It is a simple and cost effective system that can be quickly deployed in existing photovoltaic installations.

Each of the support anchors is height adjustable, allowing the required inclination to be added to guide the rainwater by gravity to a central collector conduit that is buried under the maintenance path.

The central collector collects the water from the different lines of panels and directs it by gravity to the storage pond. The collector includes a manhole that can be used for the installation of measurement sensors, maintenance of the plumbing, and also preventing water from returning to the solar panels in the event of an overflow of the reservoir.

Ideal for photovoltaic installations in tropical and Mediterranean climates.


The MODULAR ONE structures include independent elevators to adjust the inclination of gutters and pipes, using gravity to direct the water to the collection system.

This system allows you to easily add additional modules and extend the system in conjunction with the development of the photovoltaic plant.

MODULAR ONE is designed for adverse weather conditions, for example in Northern Europe, and uses reinforced gutters with anti-hail and snow grating to prevent blockage of the system.

Ideal for installations exposed to climates with heavy rain, hail, and snow.


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