Waterproof Headphones

Enjoy your music while practicing your favorite water sport with AQUADIO headphones. Its patented attachment system guarantees total waterproofing protecting your outer ear. 

The adjustable band keeps the headphones in place while you move freely in the water, and the ergonomic design lets you adjust them matching the ideal conditions for any water sport. 

Patented attachment system 

This is the first headset to incorporate a waterproof suction system of attachment that covers your outer ear and seals, protecting it from leaks and keeping it in place.  

This innovative system protects your ear from chlorine and bacteria found in water. It helps prevent ailments like swimmer’s ear (external otitis) and similar infections; it is ideal for swimming and water sports in pools and open waters: rivers, lakes, or the open sea. 

Bluetooth and internal memory 

AQUAUDIO headset incorporates a long-range Bluetooth connection to use them with your smartphone. 

The high-capacity internal memory lets you store music and audio content to play them without a wireless connection; this feature makes them ideal for sports requiring constant immersions that block wireless signals. 

Swimming cap AQUAUDIO

The AQUAUDIO swimming cap incorporates our patented suction-based waterproof headphones. It protects your ear canal from chloride and water leaks while keeping your hair dry. 

The swimming cap provides the best protection for your water sports practice keeping your ears and hair isolated from water. The patented suction-base system seals your outer ear protecting it from water.


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