What is antibacterial rug?

Antibacterial rug is designed to be located at the entrance of spaces that require daily disinfection. Its objective is eliminate bacteria present in the footwear.

Hospitals, laboratories, veterinary centers and clean rooms in which pharmaceutical, nutritional, cosmetics and electronic micro products are manufactured, are some of the areas that will benefit from the use of this new product.

It is also ideal to keep in good condition the spaces of allergy sufferers, and decrease symptoms.

The antibacterial rug can be also crucial as a first line of control in case of epidemics in borders. Airports, train and bus stations will have a clean and efficient system for the control of pathogens that are transported by travelers on the soles of their shoes.

Its use is very simple, just place your feet on the rug, wait until its mechanism of UV-C waves act, and in just 5 seconds delete any unwanted microorganisms. Enjoy clean and disinfected rooms with this new system.


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