What is Motion?

The patented MOTION system combines electro-magnetic structures of adjustment with a robotic system that improves efficiency in storage spaces.

MOTION maximizes storage usage across surface and height, it eliminates empty spaces usually required to move objects around. Therefore, it expands storage capacity for your merchandise and improves the performance in all the process of storage and retrieval.

It is ideal for improving operating efficiency in warehouses, stores and automatized parking spaces. Its intelligent system moves and retrieves merchandise automatically in a fast and safe manner.


- Motion has a base plate that houses supports for merchandise containers attached by magnetic force.
- The supports are distributed in modules creating a grid over a baseplate leaving space that permits the relocation and movement of merchandise.
- MOTION functions based on the tile-sliding jigsaw puzzle principle.
- The movement of one module frees the space for a new module to take its place.
- The merchandise is moved and retrieved using the least number of required movements.


- Motion optimizes space usage in warehouses and other storage spaces. 
- With its innovative design, Motion relieves you from having to manipulate heavy loads and therefore it makes for a more efficient storage operation.  
- Its intelligent system operates the supports using the least number of required movements to bring the merchandise to you.
- The intelligent circulation of merchandise determines what modules are accessed more often to facilitate faster access to them.  
- The system is 100% autonomous and facilitates access to your merchandise in a fast and secure manner. 
- Thanks to its grid design, MOTION can be easily adapted to any storage size.  


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