What is EyeBreaker?

EyeBreaker is an innovative emergency lighting device, which illuminates the control panel and protection of your home when there is a power cut.

It will be activated automatically when there is a power failure, the option necessary to allow the location and visualization of the panel, for the quick manual reset of the circuit.


- Easy installation in any type of control panel and protection.
- It has a powerful LED light, which illuminates the panel and all its components, as well as another activity LED, which indicates the normal operation of the electrical installation.
- It incorporates a rechargeable battery of more than 2h duration, which activates the operation of the emergency light when the power supply is cut off.
- It allows the complete visualization of the picture at a distance and of all its components.


- It is small, safe and discreet, since it does not occupy additional space.
- The emergency light is activated at the same instant that the power failure is detected.
- EyeBreaker is the ideal emergency light for electrical panels installed in places with reduced natural light or closed enclosures, where visibility is zero, such as in basements.
- The EyeBreaker design offers the necessary illumination for viewing the frame at a long distance and avoids glare at close range.
- The EyeBreaker LED technology has a very low wattage, and therefore, has greater autonomy.
- The EyeBreaker battery allows the necessary emergency light to be maintained for the necessary time, for the safe restoration of the power supply and for making the necessary revisions.
- The discreet control light allows you to verify that the activity of the electric circuit is normal.
- There is nothing similar in the market, nationally and internationally .


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